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they slip away across the universe
12 December 2012 @ 12:01 am
i felt you leavin' before you'd even goneCollapse )
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they slip away across the universe
30 November 2010 @ 11:23 pm
and while our blood's still young
Sakurai Sho/Ninomiya Kazunari
AU. In which Nino is a hooker and Sho falls in love.
Absolute fiction
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Sho falls in love on a Thursday night.Collapse )
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they slip away across the universe
24 September 2010 @ 02:01 am

and it all comes down to this: with every single time they find their way back, they’re not the sort of people who would come home to each other.Collapse )

If you have the time, do download these songs, even if you're not an Arthur/Eames fan or if the preamble made you go WTFisthisshit. They are beautiful.
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they slip away across the universe
all we are saying
Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsumoto Jun/Ninomiya Kazunari BFFery
AU. Jun explores his feminine side, Nino writes poetry, Aiba wants everyone to get along, Sho fails at life, Ohno doesn't.
So much crack, IDEK.
Absolute fiction.
Notes: I apologise for this, I really do. I mean, its working title was 'IN WHICH JUN BECOMES A GIRL :D;;' and I wrote it in favour of ignoring all the papers I have to write for uni while listening to Upside Down (Bouncing Off the Ceiling) OH MY CHILDHOOD. In fact, I'm still listening to it now. DON'T JUDGE ME. Also, I don't think 'paperie' is an actual word. Sadly.
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Jun calls three hours after his operation, just as Nino’s about to throw his typewriter off the building from writer's block.Collapse )
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they slip away across the universe
28 April 2010 @ 12:00 am

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they slip away across the universe
03 March 2010 @ 11:12 pm
;Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
;The other one, with the black hair and small hands, is standing on the shore, pushing seashells into sand with his big toe like they are secrets.
;Angst. If you want it to be.
;Absolute fiction.
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There is something infinitely sad about the place.Collapse )
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they slip away across the universe
21 January 2010 @ 11:54 pm
;what they really mean when they type on seafoam green Underwoods
;Matsumoto Jun/Ninomiya Kazunari
;“It’s like I have gunpowder in my veins and fireworks under my eyelids,” Nino says.
;Absolute fiction.
;Cross-posted to arashirabu
;This was written as an experiment to see if I was capable of writing something other than Ohmiya. The experiment result? 失敗. D:

I suppose it’s a pretty bad idea to get stoned on a night like thisCollapse )
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they slip away across the universe
05 January 2010 @ 10:11 pm
The JE Fanfiction Feedback & Concrit Meme
Tell me what YOU think of my writing here!
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they slip away across the universe
01 January 2010 @ 02:38 am
;Paper Hearts
;Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
;Let’s have another decade like this, Ohno wishes to no one in particular. And then one more, please, and another one after that.
;Absolute fiction.
;Note: Happy New Year, folks. :D/

Nino turns up at Ohno’s at about a quarter to ten, late and unapologetic.Collapse )
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they slip away across the universe
16 December 2009 @ 02:31 am
;the Atlantic was born today and I'll tell you how
;Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
;It will go on for months, and when Nino stops to think about it one day he will realise that he’s lost count.
;One cookie to Johnny Kitagawa.
;Note: Title is shamelessly stolen from Transatlanticism, by Death Cab for Cutie.

The first time they fuck, it will be by accident.Collapse )
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